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Final BlogPoll Top 25 Ballot

I wanted to deface my ballot, but I went through with it and gave Dark Lord Saban his due.


Yuck, whatever. The one thing I do enjoy is that it's turning into less of an "SEC is dominant" thing and more of a "Nick Saban is dominant" thing. The conference argument loses a lot of steam when you consider:

1. Five of those seven titles were won by Nick Saban and Urban Meyer, who are completely consumed by coaching to the point where it doesn't seem healthy or even sane.

2. Don't you think Saban could do this at some other football factory school if he was there? Like he couldn't reel off three national titles at Ohio State, or Texas, or USC (sanctions aside), or maybe Oklahoma?

3. Louisville pantsed Florida.

I like the way this came out. It's still pretty logical with regards to who actually beat who during the season (like Notre Dame over Stanford, South Carolina over Clemson, etc.), and I didn't feel like I was reaching too hard down at the bottom of the poll. I decided not to punish Oklahoma too hard because Johnny Manziel made every defense look stupid after about the middle of October. Same with Michigan, which should have beaten South Carolina until they blew a coverage with 10 seconds to go in the Outback Bowl.

Until next year...

P.S. I was perusing the final AP ballot and some moron gave a shoutout vote to North Dakota State. That might be the worst vote of the year. Sorry, but there are way more than 25 FBS teams that would beat the Bison. And they lost to Indiana State.