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Protect Your Unit, Week 12 Picks Thread: The Optimists' Club

Bulls fans put their fake money where their mouth is.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Earlier this week, Collin declared his extreme confidence in USF's ability to beat the Memphis Tigers this Saturday. Judging from the picks that have been entered so far, it seems lots of our players believe this as well. Our degenerates have already wagered a total of $1,169 fake dollars on the Bulls, and that number may go up. Let's get right to the Big List o' Wagers:

As I write this on Thursday night, LeavittTown, LrdNorman, chuckycrater, myself, dsidwell31, CedSaidZed, AndrewP, diddybull32, Danj725, and Snafu13 have all picked USF to win in some form. The key name in that list is Danj725, who has picked every Bulls game this year and is 8-1 against the spread in those games. He took USF +1.5, and made a relatively small wager, so maybe the game will be tighter than we all think?

Among other games, Houston-Louisville, Georgia Tech-Clemson and Texas Tech-Baylor have differences of opinion amongst the degenerati. Big underdogs are also popular this week, with Syracuse +40, UAB +27, Iowa State +25, Wyoming +24, and the aforementioned Texas Tech (+27.5) getting action.

As always, the deadline to submit your wagers is one hour before game time. Keep emailing in the parlays, I swear I'll get that working one of these days. Oh, I almost forgot, this week's parlays are:

  • diddybull32: $75 on USF +1.5 over Memphis, Rutgers Pick'em over Cincinnati, UCLA - 3 over Washington
  • diddybull32: $45 on Stanford -4 over USC, Central Florida -16.5 over Temple, Ohio St -33 over Illinois
  • RyanTSmith: $110 on USF +1.5 over Memphis and Oklahoma -24 over Iowa State. (added Saturday AM)

Use this thread to talk about your picks, and this weekend's action in general.