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Voodoo Fivecast: The Car Is On Fire Edition

On this week's awful podcast, the guy in the pic above was staring at us through the window in the studio, and was doing Tha U thing with his hands while doing so. I guess it's a Canes thing and we wouldn't understand... but we do understand that you're in the Marshall Center at USF while doing this. Not that UM fan is ever That Guy. No way. Never!

I was half an hour late because my car basically caught on fire on the way up from South Tampa, so Joseph Hernandez and Jeff Odom talked your AAC Champion USF Men's Soccer team as well as football while awaiting my grand entrance. I bring things down due to being flustered from my car basically being aflame when I rolled into the studio, so I attempt to make some salient men's basketball points. I also keep forgetting we play Oklahoma State on Monday, only the biggest non-conference home game for USF in over a decade. Yeah, I suck at this job sometimes.

We also discuss the USF car being on fire in the form of a lack of support and attendance. Drawing less than 15,000 actual fans to Raymond James last Saturday against Memphis is a serious cause for concern, and we discuss when (and if) the fans are going to come back to the Bulls. Are we losing a generation of USF fans here? Or is this just a short-term problem because we currently suck at football?

In Hour 2, we talk to Jewbull Marc for his weekly segment about the future of USF attendance at games and program direction, then call our own Jamie aka Chuckycrater to talk SMU football. Jamie lives in Dallas and is an SMU season ticket holder, and he gives a great breakdown of this weekend's matchup.

We'll get the iTunes updated as soon as we can find Kevin, but you can listen to Hour 1 and Hour 2 directly here.