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Protect Your Unit, Week 13 Results: Off The Board

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes you can't play.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Arizona crushed Oregon, and Oklahoma State derailed the Baylor express. But somehow the most shocking result was Georgia Southern defeating Florida in Gainesville -- without even completing a pass.

And if you're a true degenerate, you probably thought the same thing I did, which was "man, why didn't I put a fake dollar on that?" Money lines for paycheck games have gone as high as +433333 for Georgia State-Alabama, and five others were over +240000 - enough to win the season-long contest with a $1 bet.

Well, don't beat yourself up if you missed this one, because Georgia Southern-Florida was completely off the board. There was never an opportunity to bet; none of our six odds providers accepted any action on the game, all week long. It is only the fourth game (out of more than 700) this season where that happened.

Games can be off the board due to excessive uncertainty (injuries or weather), or too many wagers on one side. Usually this is temporary, while the books wait for new information, and set a new line accordingly. After all, they can't make money if people can't bet. But sometimes, they just don't want to get involved.

When major upsets have happened this season, the games have been off the board, or the money lines have been manageable. The longest shot to come in this season was Nicholls State-Western Michigan at +3887; only Eastern Washington-Oregon State and McNeese State-I Don't Want To Talk About It were greater than +1000. Just another reminder that the house knows more than you do.

Standings after week 13:

Collin 1566.01
leavitttown 1514.20
iwaswrongabouthowell 1509.28
ULismyhothotsex 1442.67
ucscott 1379.86
chuckycrater 1303.49
LrdNorman 1288.62
jthoma11 1264.66
Danj725 1131.22
CedSaidZed 1111.28
JLLoughren 1050.91
zls44 1006.78
SenatorGiggity 1005.82
Snafu13 977.05
fusionpower 956.82
MikeNascarella 940.65
JeffNusser 904.07
jasonloughren 845.52
CBulls08 838.18
andrewp 743.61
dsidwell31 385.19
AndrewPorter 302.83
RyanTSmith 227.76
GarySJ 176.73
diddybull32 140.92

It's still anybody's contest, with several players within striking distance of the top. ULismyhothotsex made another strong move up, hitting a two-way parlay for $98.80 in fake dollars. In fact, our Louisville friend has been on a tear these last two weeks:

  • $33, Houston +16 over Louisville - WIN
  • $110, Vanderbilt -13 over Kentucky - WIN
  • $11, Auburn -4 over Georgia - WIN
  • $74, Auburn -196 money line over Georgia - WIN
  • $11, Oklahoma State -3 over Texas - WIN
  • $11, Baylor - 27 over Texas Tech - WIN
  • $110, Northern Illinois -2.5 over Toledo - WIN
  • $110, Memphis +24.5 over Louisville - WIN
  • $38 parlay on Memphis +24.5 over Louisville, Northern Illinois -2.5 over Toledo - WIN
  • $11, Georgia - 23.5 over Kentucky - WIN
  • $11, Cincinnati +4 over Houston - WIN

Week 14 is the last full week of action in the regular season. So if you want to make a big move, now's the time. There are 16 games on Friday, so get those wagers in early if you want to play any of those.