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Protect Your Unit, Week 14 Picks: Tech Support

Okay, we had a couple slight problems with the ProtectYourU.Net site this week.

"See? Gary's programming error is right there."
"See? Gary's programming error is right there."
Clive Brunskill

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

First off, some erroneous -110 money lines were entered for favorites on Wednesday night. These were fixed Thursday morning. This did not impact any existing bets,

More importantly, the site has been running a bit slowly. I was working on it Thursday night, so if you got database errors at that time, that was the reason. Also, a couple people had the same wagers entered twice. The duplicate bets were removed. Only diddybull32 and chuckycrater were affected.

Here's who you picked. Please review for accuracy:


  • LeavittTown $200 on East Carolina +3 over Marshall, Buffalo +1.5 over Bowling Green
  • iwaswrongabouthowell $150 on Florida +27 over Florida State, South Florida +27.5 over Central Florida, Alabama -10.5 over Auburn
  • diddybull32 $25 on Ohio State -14.5 over Michigan, Stanford -14 over Notre Dame, Arizona State -11.5 over Arizona

As always, you can enter further wages up until one hour before kickoff. Please email me if any problems. Use this thread to talk about your picks and the weekend's games.