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GameThread: USF vs. UCF. Stay Safe, Bulls Fans.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It's all been said. Let's do this.

Who: USF Bulls (2-7, 2-4 AAC) vs. UCF Knights (9-1, 6-0 AAC)

What: A football game at the best possible moment for one team, and the worst possible for the other. Yup.

Where: Bright House Networks Stadium, Orlando, FL

When: 8pm

Why: Because USF's administration failed us. Because John Marinatto completely failed us and an entire league. Because Lee Roy is no longer with us. Because Syracuse and Pitt did the right thing for themselves. Because we didn't win enough when we had the chance. Because Jim Leavitt choked Joel Miller. Because this paragraph could be a mile long.

Spread: Knights by 26 to 27 depending on where you look.

When this gets posted we'll be in a limo on the way over to Oviedo, hoping to get the day over without incident. Hopefully good friends and good booze can make this day easier to handle. And if that doesn't work... we got some really quality painkillers for a recent back injury.

And please, everyone on both sides: don't be a jerk today. UCF's administration actually sent out an email asking everyone to behave, which shows what they expect based on previous interactions. Hang in there, stay safe, and travel in packs if you're wearing green.