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Voodoo Fivecast: The "Kevin Cratered Everything" Edition

We can't apologize enough in advance for this one.

In this week's episode: Kevin just craters everything. I can't even tell you how much he drags down this episode. We talk everything under the sun in the first segment, very little of which has to do with USF, but thank God it gets better from there. Jeff Odom from the Tampa Bay Times and Joseph Hernandez our outstandingly mediocre producer we're the only reasons to save this nuclear bomb of an episode, and I did what I could to make it better.

We chat about Bulls football, talk some Mike White, USF getting so close to a win at Houston, as well as hoops winning the exhibition against Barry last night by more than 30. It's a process, and we learned much about where USF is as a program so far just by the rotation Stan Heath played last night.

Listen to Kevin be just horrendous at radio here and subscribe on iTunes so when we get better you'll be prepared. He's so awful I'm not sure we can bring him back, but we also bring back Marc for his Jewbull In A China Shop segment. We talk gambling on football too, but otherwise I can't really make any excuses for this. It's just awful radio, thought in many places it's delightful if you wish to see a wannabe professional broadcaster just crater any potential career.

Also if there are guests you want to hear, let us know and we'll do the best we can to bring them into the studio or get them on the phone. And the entire episode we promise a special guest that doesn't text me back, but it's hopefully someone we can get soon here.

The iTunes link is here, so subscribe and be a part of what we're doing every week. Or at least send @kevinweiss_ a Tweet saying how terrible he is at radio.