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Protect Your Unit, Week 11 Picks: How Did The Other Team Feel?

There could be no thrill of victory without the agony of defeat.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

In one of my favorite Peanuts comic strips, Linus breathlessly describes the excitement of an improbable last-second football victory to Charlie Brown, who asks "how did the other team feel?"

It feels rather like the picture above, I suspect. Just sort of standing there, grimly juxtaposed against a tableau of happy faces, passively taking in one of the worst moments of your life.

(UPDATE SAT AM: Friday night's college basketball gives us this video, which reveals what it sounds like to lose a game in this fashion.)

It's a feeling we get a lot in sports wagering, made worse by the fact that the team may not be playing for the same thing we are. It's one thing to live and die with team you love; it's another thing to scream at your team not to take a knee when you need one more point to cover. Many a fortune has been won or lost on a cheap, last-second touchdown to cover a point spread, when the outcome of the game was already decided. I mentioned it previously, but diddybull32 missed a $1,380 parlay win when Maryland scored a garbage time touchdown against Clemson. Which is more than the difference between first place and last place right now. Ouch.

But there's still plenty of football left to be fake-wagered on, so let's see who you like this week:


  • iwaswrongabouthowell, $150 on Texas -6 over West Virginia, Florida State -35 over Wake Forest, Auburn -7.5 over Tennessee
  • zls44: $20 on Old Dominion-Idaho over 70.5, UTEP-North Texas over 57
  • zls44: $30 on Louisiana-Lafayette -13 over Troy, Louisiana-Monroe -3.5 over Arkansas State
  • ulismyhothotsex: $10.50 on Missouri -13.5 over Kentucky, Auburn -7.5 over Tennessee, Wisconsin -7.5 over BYU. (added Sat.)
  • AndrewPorter: $150 on Tulane +9 over UTSA, Maryland -5 over Syracuse, Texas -5 over West Virginia. (added Sat.)

Not a lot of bets placed yet, but as always you have up to one hour before each game kicks off. Me, I'm taking a bye week after last week's Tulane debacle. Seriously, what the hell was that? Feel free to make fun of my awful picking record, or talk up your own picks, in the comments thread.