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USF Football Group Therapy 2013: The Word Cloud and Emotional Unavailability

The above was created from the comments on this post. I'm sure we can all find a bit of ourselves from the last football season in there.

But here's something I liked even more. From our own Brian Many on Twitter... which is sort of how I feel after the last football season.


This is what USF has done to me. I've been hurt so often I keep my distance and am unable to connect on a higher plane. I'm unable to love like I once did, because I look back at all the pain she's caused.

She was the girl across the room that I knew from the hallways of high school, but didn't realize was such a knockout until she showed up at that party in that dress (2002, 9-2). Our whirlwind romance was intoxicating (beating WVU, Auburn, FSU on the road, 2007, 64-12... you remember), but then she really let herself go, and that dress wouldn't ever fit you again. I still loved her because of all the great times we had together and I'd hope she'd pull it together, but she grew more distant (that night we were supposed to go bowling... I can't even talk about that), and then she just sat her fat ass on the couch eating Ben and Jerry's all day, bitching and crying about everything.

And then I walked in on her making out with her meth dealer.

I'm really glad we had this therapy time together, V5'ers. It's only as a group that we're able to heal, recognizing the failures of our enabling ways. We can't let them hurt us anymore, and we have to find a way to love again. Time heals all wounds... I mean that's what they say, right?

So then why does it feel so dark and lonely? Why, USF? Why??