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Protect Your Unit, Week 14 Results: LOL Tide LOL

How the hell did that happen?

Kevin C. Cox

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

By now I'm sure you've seen the most incredible college football play of this generation. Chris Davis joins Flutie-to-Phelan and the Stanford Band in the greatest-of-all-time consideration. In a sport where there's a "game of the century" every other season, it's nice to see a moment that genuinely deserves that kind of hyperbole.

And like most great moments, it will define the career of those involved in it, even if it's contrary to their other decades of work. Just as the conservative Tom Osborne was defined by going for two against Miami, the obsessive Nick Saban will be defined by being badly out-coached in the biggest play of his career. Auburn was prepared for that possibility. Alabama was not.

And like most great moments these days, there's a social media angle:

Yes, Chris. Yes, you do.

By the way, is running a poll to name the play. I think "Kick Bama Kick" is the obvious choice, for the synchronicity with the famous 1972 Punt Bama Punt game, in which #9 Auburn beat #2 Alabama on two fourth-quarter blocked punts.

How did this play impact our competition? Like Auburn itself, this game turned an also-ran into a serious championship contender. Current standings:

zls44 1714.30
Collin 1566.01
ULismyhothotsex 1476.91
Danj725 1359.42
iwaswrongabouthowell 1359.28
CedSaidZed 1290.37
LrdNorman 1212.26
ucscott 1188.92
chuckycrater 1173.49
leavitttown 1154.20
JLLoughren 1050.91
SenatorGiggity 1005.82
jasonloughren 977.34
Snafu13 977.05
jthoma11 964.66
fusionpower 956.82
MikeNascarella 940.65
JeffNusser 904.07
CBulls08 838.18
andrewp 719.82
GarySJ 458.61
dsidwell31 430.65
AndrewPorter 302.83
RyanTSmith 227.76
diddybull32 211.76

Prolific parlayer zls44 put $200 fake bills on Auburn at +348, which was enough to vault from the middle of the pick into first place. The other big winner on that game was yours truly, who had $100 on Auburn at that rate. Which is nice, because I hadn't gotten a pick right since USF beat UConn. No kidding. And this list doesn't even include 15 small-dollar longshot money line wagers that all lost:

13 Over 55.5 SOUTHERN METHODIST 16, SOUTH FLORIDA 6 LOSS 60.00 -60.00
12 SOUTH FLORIDA +118.0 money line MEMPHIS 23, SOUTH FLORIDA 10 LOSS 125.00 -125.00
12 INDIANA +1132.0 money line WISCONSIN 51, INDIANA 3 LOSS 10.00 -10.00
10 TULANE +164.0 money line FLORIDA ATLANTIC 34, TULANE 17 LOSS 160.00 -160.00
9 Over 46.5 LOUISVILLE 34, SOUTH FLORIDA 3 LOSS 25.00 -25.00
9 Under 71.5 SAN JOSE STATE 51, WYOMING 44 LOSS 25.00 -25.00
8 GEORGIA -280.0 money line VANDERBILT 31, GEORGIA 27 LOSS 200.00 -200.00
8 ILLINOIS +431.0 money line WISCONSIN 56, ILLINOIS 32 LOSS 25.00 -25.00

I'm happy that Auburn gave me enough money to play the bowl season, but I also had South Florida for $64.12 at +3092 to beat UCF. If we'd won that game, I'd be in first place. Damn, so close.

Randolph and Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week goes to chuckycrater for betting yet again against Louisiana Tech. This time he put $2 on UTSA -- a team in its third year of football -- laying 16 points. And won. That he made this play all season is also a lock for Spite Bet of the Year.

The Floyd's Money Team Most Degenerate Bet of the Week goes to AndrewP and jasonloughren, for betting significant fake dollars on the Army-Hawaii game.

Some reminders about the upcoming Week 15:

  • Please continue to email parlays. I'm not going to implement the parlay screen this season, because I need to rebuild the whole database back end to make it work right, and I don't want to do that mid-season.
  • I will be traveling most of this week and into next week, so I may not respond promptly to emails. If you want to submit a parlay or have a problem, email me as you normally would, and rest assured I will process it in due time. You can also post in this thread, or the Week 15 Picks Thread. As long as any wagers are submitted by the one-hour-before-kickoff deadline, and otherwise acceptable (not over your betting limit, etc.) I will accept them.
  • Week 15 includes the Army-Navy game on December 14. Because of that, the Week 15 results will not be posted until December 15. Note also that any money you wish to bet on the Army-Navy game must still be available from the standard $50-$250 or 5%-25% after you bet the games the weekend of Dec. 7. In other words, your weekly limit will not be reset on Monday the 8th.
  • You can't take a bye week during the bowl season - you must play. If you have a bye remaining and want to spend it, you must do so in Week 15. (Bye weeks are optional; you never have to take a bye if you don't want to.)
  • The Week 15 Picks thread will launch on Friday as always.

As always, let me know if there are any questions, and enjoy the football!