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USF Ready to End Another Worst Season Ever at Rutgers

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, we're all ready for it to finally be over. USF's heartbreaking late-game letdown in their de facto Super Bowl against UCF last weekend has really made it tough to get excited about finishing the season against Rutgers for the last time ever (and the collective opinion here at V5 is good riddance). But the show does go on, and the Bulls will try and salvage some self respect and send off the seniors (the ones who are still a part of the team, at least) in winning fashion. The Scarlet Knights will be fighting for bowl eligibility, which is infinity times more meaningful than whatever USF will be playing for, but hopefully that won't make the game any less important for the Bulls.

Rutgers has had a few close games of their own this season, getting edged by Fresno State in the opener, 52-51 in OT, knocking off SMU in similar fashion, and beating Arkansas by 4 in the early part of the season. Unfortunately, Rutgers took a few bits out of the old USF playbook and failed to show up for a couple conference games despite a decent start. Now, coming off a disappointing loss to Connecticut, the Scarlet Knights are led into Senior Night by senior QB Chas Dodd, who got the start last week over Gary Nova, who got benched after struggling against UCF. It's the rushing game that will be key for Rutgers's success against the Bulls on Saturday, especially with RB Paul James averaging 6 yards per carry. Justin Goodwin provides solid backup for James in a pretty run-heavy offense. Vertically, Bulls defenders will be kept busy with WR duo Tyler Kroft and Leonte Carroo.

If the stat sheets dictate anything, we shouldn't be seeing too much production in the air from either team, but there is hope since Rutgers has a senior quarterback who is playing for the chance just to have one more game, and USF has a freshman quarterback who is trying to cut his teeth on a decent defense. If you can pull yourself away from the USF-Alabama basketball game that was conveniently scheduled for the same time, you might be in for a decent football game.