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USF Basketball vs. Villanova - Preview and GameThread

Get ready for another miserable basketball experience, everyone!


Unfortunately the South Florida Bulls did not get a snow day and will still have to play the Villanova Wildcats this afternoon at The Pavilion in Philadelphia. Back on January 9, Villanova beat USF 61-53 in a game that ended up being a pretty clear indicator of just how bad this season could end up getting. Now that that's been fulfilled, it's play out the string time.

That game was Mouphtaou Yarou's awakening. He had been struggling all season, but scored 16 points and grabbed 13 rebounds against USF, and has continued to play better since then. JayVaughn Pinkston and Daniel Ochefu, Villanova's other big men, also scored in double figures in the first meeting against USF, and since the Bulls' struggles in the block have gotten worse since then, the three of them shouldn't have that much trouble today, either. USF has to shoot well to beat this team, but considering they are shooting 39.9% as a team for the season, and only 31.2% from three-point range, that doesn't seem very likely.