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SB Nation's 2013 NCAA Tournament Printable Bracket

You can't pick USF this year, but you can still fill out a bracket and prove your prognostication skills.

We won't get to homer it up* this year and pick USF to go deep into the NCAA Tournament field, but you can still fill out SB Nation's printable bracket and put it up at your office, on your refrigerator, on your dorm room bulletin board, wherever you want. Then when all your brilliant picks come true, you can scoreboard everyone.

* - I guess you can homer it up on behalf of the former Fort Myers campus, though. Especially because Florida Gulf Coast drew Georgetown, who... let's say they have a bit of a reputation for bombing out in the early rounds.

There will still be an NCAA Tournament bracket contest on the site, and we're going to have various other brackets during the week. I'll do another Completely Arbitrary Bracket like I did last year (there will be a new champion this year, obviously), and we're compiling our special USF Things bracket to see what the most USF thing is.

And of course, tomorrow night we'll find out where the Bulls are headed in the women's NCAA Tournament. If it's somewhere we can get to, we'll be there live next weekend. See you then.