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The "USF Things" Bracket: Vote On Round 2 In The Things And Sporting Events Regions

Today, we'd like you to vote and decide which of our things and sporting events make the Sweet 16 in the "USF Things" Bracket.

Julian Finney

In today's voting, you'll decide which things and sporting events make it to the Sweet 16 of the USF Things Bracket. Will the upsets continue in the Things Region? Can the remaining basketball moments continue advancing against all the football games in the Sporting Events Region? You tell us.

First, here are yesterday's results:

(1) Judy Genshaft def. (9) Betty Castor, 68%
(4) Matt Grothe def. (5) Sun Dolls, 59%
(3) Jim Leavitt def. (11) Sara Nevins, 82%
(7) Lee Roy Selmon def. (2) Phyllis Marshall, 96%

No real surprises in here, but I think I should try to explain why Lee Roy is seeded so low. It's not because he wasn't enormously valuable and beloved by the USF community. But he was also valuable and beloved by the Bucs, and by Oklahoma, and by the city of Tampa. We have to share him with all those other people. He is a USF thing, but he's not entirely a USF thing, if that makes sense.

(1) Marshall Center def. (8) Library Starbucks, 90%
(4) Sun Dome def. (5) Campus Recreation Center, 85%
(6) Mr Dunderbak's def. (3) Peabody's, 63%
(2) Copper Top/CDB def. (7) Andros Dining, 54%

Dunderbak's is making a run, and don't put it past them to hang around this tournament for at least another round or two. They are emerging as a real sleeper, especially if they get by Copper Top in the Sweet 16.

Here's what you will vote on today:

(16) "Big 4" Billboard vs. (8) Campus Squirrels
(4) Night Game Tailgates vs. (5) Bull Runner
(11) Rocky D. Bull vs. (14) 1990s USF Logo
(10) The Oracle vs. (2) Movies on the Lawn

Which view of USF will prevail in this region? The sly, cynical side of the fans came out in the "Big 4" billboard's shocking-but-maybe-not-that-shocking upset of Homecoming in the first round. How far can that ill-fated advertisement go? And what was the committee thinking making Rocky an 11 seed? (HINT: They were not thinking.)

(1) 64-12 vs. (9) USF-Louisville 2005
(4) USF-FSU 2009 vs. (5) USF-Auburn 2007
(6) Men's Basketball 2012 NCAAs vs. (3) USF-West Virginia 2007
(10) Women's Basketball 2013 NCAAs vs. (2) USF-Notre Dame 2011

Speaking of sly and cynical, the #2 seed had a surprisingly close call against the Voodoo 5 game because, as one reader put it, "that game felt like waiting 7 hours to hear 'negative' on an HIV test." Another called it "tainted with mediocrity." It's going to be great when we're all still raging at Skip 10 years from now. I'm pretty sure that's going to happen.