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NCAA Football 14: Chatting About the Virtual Bulls

Part two of our series on the new EA Sports NCAA Football 14 game features Willie Taggart, USF in the Sun Belt, and undead football players.


In part one, Jamie mentioned how this year's game, and video games in general, tend to overrate USF and underrate teams like TCU and Boise State due to only taking into account raw talent and not coaching. Today, I chatted with part one commenter and noted Twitter personality Senator Giggity about this theory, the 2013 season and Mutant League football.

Ryan: This year's game is all about upping the realism, but Jamie pointed out in his first post that the team ratings just look at talent and don't really account for coaching. Despite a 3-9 record last year, the Bulls are rated an 84. Do you think we'll immediately start seeing Willie Taggart utilize that talent this season better than Holtz did?

Senator Giggity: God I hope so. Holtz had just so much promise and never quite developed. Anything. At all. Which sucks because he genuinely seems like a nice guy, but nice guys don't win football games (YEAH I'M LOOKING AT YOU SABAN, YOU PUPPY GOBBLING KEEBLER ELF).

I've met Coach Taggart and, while I'm a pretty cynical guy, he gave even me a hopeful outlook. His enthusiasm is contagious and you can't help but believe him when he makes statements about the program and it's future. Holtz always just always seemed to be looking forward to his next opportunity while neglecting to, you know, actually do anything at the one he had in front of him. With CWT, I think we will see a jump start compared to Holtz and I can only hope the momentum moving forward.

R: You're officially cooler than me because you've met Willie Taggart and I haven't. Another thing the game has rated really highly that probably shouldn't be is the Bulls' defense, which was pretty abominable last season. Part of that can probably be attributed to Chris Cosh and his awfulness, but it's still been a while since we've had a defense that matched the ones of Leavitt's glory years. Think we'll see some steps in the right direction in 2013? The D-line, at the very least, should be great.

SG: Well we couldn't make any more steps in the wrong direction, that's for damn sure. CWT is a Harbaugh brother and we know how crap those guys are at coaching. EA will never give us a fair shake, and to be perfectly frank, we haven't earned one.

R: You hit on another point there-- a lot of USF fans like to cry foul when it comes to conference realignment, the AAC and the like, but in my humble opinion nothing we've done lately on a football field has merited promotion. Which line of thought do you subscribe to-- do we deserve a shot at the big leagues right now? Also, since NCAA 14 allows the ability to change conferences and teams at your will, in what conference/with which teams would you put USF? Personally I'd like to take on Alabama for the Sun Belt title.

SG: I think we got a taste of good football in the middle 2000's and hoooooooboy did we turn junkie quick. Had we maintained, won a BE title or 2 we'd be sitting in Louisville's seat right now. But we didn't so we aren't. Had we not been a gigantic fart noise, I'd probably pick the ACC. Just feels right.

R: That's the most annoying part of it-- if realignmentpocalypse happens in 2007, we're outta here. A moment of silence as I once again curse Skip Holtz.

To close, you mentioned a certain Mutant League Football game in the comments of part one. For those who are unfamiliar with the game (myself included), please give us a brief rundown and your personal opinion on whether or not USF could ever have made it in the Mutant League.

SG: Don't blame Skip, blame the athletic department.

Mutant League Football was part of a group of games for Sega a long long time ago. I only remember it because my brother wouldn't let me play it so, of course, it's the only game I wanted to play. The Mutant League was sort of a knock off of Madden (there was a hockey version too). Wikipedia it, its idiosyncrasies are too numerous to list here (ed. note: Wikipedia describes it as "a post-apocalyptic world where radiation has caused the human race to mutate and the dead to rise from the grave."). I think Bama and the '94-'95 Cornhuskers are the only teams capable of competing at that level.

Thanks once again to Senator Giggity for his time. Anyone gotten a chance to play the game yet? How does virtual USF compare to the real life Bulls?