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The #CoachTsBus Campaign is Fantastic And We're Going to Gush About It

You guys. This video.


Get On The Bus With @CoachTaggart (via BullsVision)

This is one of the best things USF Athletics has ever put out in terms of marketing. It takes a chance, it engages the entire community, and it’s wonderful. And it's gotten more buzz than anything we've seen from Fowler Avenue in a long time.

Also El Reportero has a tremendous breakdown of who is on the bus, with embarking & debarking points for all passengers.

We understand that the success or failure of Willie Taggart won't be decided in the social media space, but it's so nice to have something cool to point to and rally around as the season gets closer. The biggest thing USF fans have been missing for some time now is hope, and we think projects like this can help inspire the forlorn. It sure as hell got us fired up this morning.

Kudos to the USF Marketing team for absolutely crushing it here, and giving us the complete opposite reaction we had to "A Holtz New Era." We'd love to see how many of those bus participants as possible leading the team out on the field for a game this year, maybe coming out of the tunnel with bus passes in hand or something?? Tampa Bay has to get behind this team, & this campaign is pitch perfect in making that happen.

Finally, as Jamie pointed out on Twitter... notice the absence of Buccaneer Head Coach Greg Schiano. A very big thumbs up on that one too.