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Bull-Ogosphere: Matt Floyd Named Starter, Soccer Begins

This is the first image of Matt Floyd that pops up in our picture data base. So unfair.
This is the first image of Matt Floyd that pops up in our picture data base. So unfair.
Al Messerschmidt

We start our roundup answering the only question of the offseason more pressing than "is Walter White going to get away with it?" Coach Taggart has named Matt Floyd USF's starting QB. He also added later that this isn't a week-to-week thing either, and he's the starter until further notice. We sum up the reaction from Twitter as follows.

Jamie will come out of retirement and have more on this decision this week, but my first reaction is I like the call. The easy choice would have been for Taggart to go with Bench as the new guy he brought to the program, but he took a guy that he thinks has the highest ceiling. USF is in no place to play it safe as a program presently. Also congrats to Marvin Kloss on winning the kicker battle.

Women's soccer started the season off correctly, woodshedding Arkansas-Pine Bluff 7-0 before drawing 1-1 against Texas in Austin. From all accounts, sophomore goalkeeper Christian Endler put on her Petr Cech helmet and played incredibly well to help USF earn the road draw. Endler is a special one, and should be a force for the Bulls in net all season.

And the men got back the Rowdies Cup after a 2-1 win over UTampa on Saturday night. Both braces were secured by redshirt junior striker Edwin Moalosi, who returns after appearing in only two matches last year before a season ending injury. The Bulls outshot the Spartans 23-8, but more impressive might be the crowd of 1,707 for what is basically an exhibition. The crowds at soccer since the construction of Corbett Stadium have been excellent, and don't seem to be slowing down either.

It's game week for us, so keep an eye peeled as we'll have lots to say this week ahead of McNeese State, but make sure to sign up for the Fourth Annual Protect Your Unit Contest here. It's going to be bigger and better than ever in 2013, so get in on the ground floor. Right now we've got UNC +12, but South Carolina -11.5 presently for those that can't wait to start losing your fake money right away!