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Protect Your Unit, Week 1 Picks Thread: The Password Is Always Swordfish

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered. Also, the password is not swordfish.)

It's time for our first weekly picks thread!

Every week at about this time, we will reveal the picks everyone has made so far, and engage in witty banter about sports gambling. Use the comments section to discuss who you bet our fake money on and why. List any $1 spite bets you made and why that team earned your spite. And we're always looking for candidates for the coveted Most Degenerate Bet of the Week award, so comment on the bets of others that grabbed your attention.

The picks thread will launch every Friday at noon. This is the first chance you get to see who other people have picked; picks are kept secret from Tuesday morning until noon Friday.

Please note that this is not the deadline for submitting picks. You may continue to place bets on games up until one hour before each game kicks off. The below picks list is dynamic; and any newly entered bets will appear on it.

You can still join the degenerate fake gambling fun by emailing me and letting me know your SBNation name, desired password, team you support, and blog/Twitter if you have one. And since there may have been some confusion about this: I AM NOT ASKING FOR YOUR SBNATION PASSWORD, AND PLEASE DON'T SEND IT TO ME. I'm asking you to create a new password, for use only at, where picks are entered. Your username will be the same as your SBNation name, but that's so we can keep track of who's who. Please pick a password different than the one you use for SBNation.

Also, I don't have passwords set for some of you yet. If you don't have one, please email me straightaway so I can get you set up. As far as I know, everyone who requested a username is set up in the system. If you tried to sign up and your name's not in the Standings page, let me know.

Here are this week's picks, in alphabetical order by player. Also, there's more stuff below the picks, so keep reading:

If any of your picks are not right, please let me know right away. There were some cases where the same person made the same bet twice. If you want one removed, let me know. Since this is the first week and the system isn't perfect yet, I'm being lenient, but try to let me know before the game kicks off if it all possible.

Post about your picks in the comments!