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Voodoo Fivecast: We're Back! The Greg Auman Overslept Episode

Sorry for the kinks, next week we'll know this is coming and actually prep for it.

Check out our exciting studio! Ooooooohhh
Check out our exciting studio! Ooooooohhh

On short notice, USF legends Josh Appel and Senator Giggity come in to discuss the first two weeks of USF Football. Josh plays good cop, and I break his still-a-USF-student heart about how bad USF might be this season. It's great and awful radio all at the same time... don't worry, we'll get better again. We didn't have training camp remember.

Also the entire episode we promise that Greg Auman is coming, but then he never does because he overslept. He texted me 7 minutes after the show is over, and said he’ll join us next week. Good times.

We're going to do this every week this year, so get ready for radical improvements from week to week. Hopefully just like the football team we discuss in this opening episode of our second season!!

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