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Protect Your Unit, Week 3 Picks Thread: Breaking Bad

Yes, this is the guy who plays Walter White. He was also the henpecked husband in "Malcolm in the Middle." Dude's got range.
Yes, this is the guy who plays Walter White. He was also the henpecked husband in "Malcolm in the Middle." Dude's got range.
Harry How

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

As we all know, the TV series Breaking Bad is winding down this month. The show is compelling for many reasons, but mainly because it raises interesting moral questions. If society could no longer punish you, would you ignore its rules, as Walter White chose to do at the outset of the series? Is it right for a man to provide for his family when it brings suffering to the families of others? And when, in your mind, did Walter cross the line from sympathetic to evil?

This week's games bring us many moral dilemmas. Our first moral dilemma of the week is Tulane vs. Louisiana Tech. Both these teams have already attracted spite bets this season. Tulane and Louisiana Tech represent the before and after, respectively, of Walter White's career: a struggling academic who doesn't pull his own weight, and a guy who goes for the bigger paycheck, loses his good judgment over three seasons, and leaves human devastation in his wake.

And that's not even the worst game of the week. Oh, not by a long shot.

We've also got... UCF vs. Penn State. Ugh.

We all know what these schools did; which team is more deserving of spite? I pondered this moral dilemma all week. Ultimately, I couldn't do it. I couldn't stomach making a $1 dick bet on this game, because I'd have to bet for one of these insufferable football programs. If I had a time machine, I'd go to 1990 and make SMU good at football, just so both these schools could get the death penalty. (Also, Alabama for the Albert Means thing. That was vile.)

OK, I'm done editorializing. On to this week's selections:

Remember, this is not the deadline for making picks. You may continue to make picks at until one hour before the game kicks off. If you have any problems entering your wagers, email me. I can assure you your message will immediately reach the highest level of the organization.

As always, this is your thread to talk about who you chose and why. Your thoughts on Breaking Bad will also be accepted, but please keep it spoiler-free.