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Protect Your Unit, Week 3 Results: Middle Management

Kentucky covered the spread against Louisville.. or did they?

Andy Lyons

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Lots of interesting betting action this week! Your standings after Week 3 are:

Collin 1429.83
CedSaidZed 1238.64
chuckycrater 1202.28
RyanTSmith 1140.82
Danj725 1119.01
LrdNorman 1101.57
CBulls08 1086.37
AndrewPorter 1061.28
JLLoughren 1050.92
ucscott 1038.27
dsidwell31 1029.82
AndrewP 1017.64
SenatorGiggity 1005.82
jthoma11 980.54
fusionpower 956.82
JasonLoughren 955.74
GarySJ 930.06
zls44 929.09
ulismyhothotsex 913.09
diddybull32 908.64
iwaswrongabouthowell 901.67
MikeNascarella 855.00
JeffNusser 854.08
LeavittTown 693.64

Big winners of the week were:

  • Collin (+261.64) placed two big bets on Kentucky +15.5, and Maryland -6.5, both of which came in.
  • AndrewPorter (+225.37) staked a maximum bet of $248 against his own school, Connecticut. Who was playing Maryland. Which is coached by UConn's former coach, NASCAR enthusiast Randy Edsall. Now that's some serious self-loathing, folks, and as such it wins Randolph and Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week in a crowded field.
  • CedSaidZed (+180) made a big play on the Over 57 in the Boise State-Air Force game, of all things, winning 182.73 on a cheap late touchdown.
  • diddybull32 (+103.19) also had a good week, going 5-2-1 against the spread.

Unfortunately, not everyone's big bets came in. Leavitt Town made what I thought was a pretty sound play, FIU getting a +148 money line vs. a I-AA team. Bethune-Cookman beat them 34-13, which means USF has some competition for Worst I-A Team in Florida. I think they're worse off than we are. At least nobody is questioning why we fired our old coach. LT also got screwed by the bizarre ending of the Wisconsin-Arizona State game, having taken the Wisconsin money line.

There were also a lot of subplots this week:

  • The Kentucky-Louisville game exemplified the significance of moving lines. The point spread ranged from 13 to 16.5 at various times during the week. Eight different players took Louisville ATS, but some won (at -13), some pushed (at -14), and some lost (at -14.5).
  • This variance in lines also lets you try for a "middle" or "split" bet, in which you bet on both sides of an overlapping point spread, and hope the result comes down in the middle. (If it doesn't, you win one bet and lose the other, and lose only the 10% house vig.) In the Week 3 picks thread, ulismyhothotsex noted -- correctly, as it turned out -- that taking Louisville -13 and Kentucky +15.5 could both be winning plays. Keep your eyes open for such possibilities.
  • Danj725's streak of correctly picking the USF game ATS ended, as he had USF -12.5.
  • The Fresno State-Colorado game was not played due to flooding, so the two bets on that game were voided.
  • chuckycrater took Georgia State +40 against West Virginia, saying "My pick was basically me saying that I don't think WVU can score 41 points." Hilariously, they scored exactly 41 points. But Georgia State scored a touchdown to cover.
  • There were several joke bets on the Tulane-Louisiana Tech game, expressing various sentiments about Skip Holtz's coaching inability, and others claiming that Tulane is so bad they could lose to Skip Holtz. Apparently, they're not.
  • zls44 wins Most Degenerate Bet of the Week for parlaying Wagner and Northern Colorado against the spread. I don't think anyone has ever done that in the history of gambling. Northern Colorado covered by a point, but Syracuse crushed Wagner 54-0.

Next week's games are now visible in the usual place, and the first set of lines will be posted Monday night. How many points will Louisville give against FIU? Who will win the Skip Holtz-Charlie Weis battle of half-wits? Does Tennessee-Florida matter any more? What do you make of Michigan State-Notre Dame? Can Utah State beat Southern Cal, and will Lane Kiffin's career live to tell about it?