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Voodoo Fivecast! The Steven Bench, Internet Legend Episode

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

On this week's tremendously mediocre podcast, we don't get started until about seven minutes in (so feel free to fast forward the beginning music), and also went LOOOOOONG over (we'll try and figure out a way to add anything after 7pm for next week's show). But trust us, this was can't miss radio.

We actually did like TEN minutes of show prep this week we think comes through in the end product. Josh Appel, Cole Giering, Senator Giggity join us to discuss all things green and gold. Surprisingly, the consensus the football team isn't very good.... but that doesn't stop Josh from being Glass Half-Full Guy!! His student enthusiasm is so cute... and we all take turns as alumni beating it out of him.

We also discussed Steven Bench, Internet Legend, and got some great USF stories from the-all-too-soon former Bulls beat writer Greg Auman. We finish up with some more football talk, and then went down the rabbit hole about everything USF related. Skip Holtz would say we competed hard and did some good things, and we would have to agree.

Instead of uploading it, click on this link and you can either download or stream it here. That way we'll know how many people are actually out there listening to this nonsense.

We love doing this, and hope you do too. Check it out and give us feedback in the comments!!