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Protect Your Unit, Week 4 Results: Longhorn Network

It snared us all in its grasp.

Mack Brown is very disappointed in you, son.
Mack Brown is very disappointed in you, son.
Ronald Martinez

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Every once in awhile, the odds makers teach you a lesson.

Every once in awhile, a game comes up with an absurd line, and you bet it, and you lose big time. And once again, you are reminded that the odds makers know far more about these games than schlubs like you or I ever will. It's a lesson we must all learn many times over our gambling careers.

Eeeeeverybody jumped on Kansas State getting five and a half points and a +190 money line to beat the reeling Texas Longhorns. The phrase "free money" was bandied about. There was so much talk about Texas' awful run defense that it was easy to overlook the fact K-State's run offense was only middle-of-the-pack statistically, despite playing a very light schedule (and losing to one of those teams, North Dakota State). And you don't get to coach as long as Mack Brown has if you can't right a sinking ship.

The field lost a combined $1,287 this week, $430 of which was on the Texas game. Other big losses were on Cincinnati, Kansas and Clemson, all of whom failed to cover.

Only four people were in the black this week, led by AndrewPorter (+217.73) who made a big bet on the under 52 in the Michigan-UConn game. In true UConn form, @NoEscalators takes the stairs all the way to second place, trailing leader Collin by $72.55. The other gainers this week were jthoma11 (+47.27), ulismyhothotsex (+38.09), and MikeNascarella (+36.37).

The Randolph & Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week goes to everybody who took Kansas. Yes, I know Skip Holtz is an easy target as spite bets go. But to put your faith in the equally questionable Charlie Weis, and a Kansas team that hasn't beaten a I-A opponent in two years, and lay ten points, is hardcore. Like Matthew Modine at the end of Full Metal Jacket hardcore. So take a bow chuckycrater, Danj725, LrdNorman, and... ulismyhothotsex? Did you really think the Jayhawks could cover that, or are you going native on us?

The Most Degenerate Bet of the Week goes to jthoma11 for taking Savannah State +60 over Miami, just because I've never seen a team get 60 points before. It didn't help, though, as Miami won by 70.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Standings:

Collin 1351.56
AndrewPorter 1279.01
CedSaidZed 1145.73
chuckycrater 1099.01
Danj725 1088.56
jthoma11 1075.08
LrdNorman 1068.84
JLLoughren 1050.92
AndrewP 1017.64
CBulls08 1015.46
SenatorGiggity 1005.82
ulismyhothotsex 989.27
fusionpower 956.82
ucscott 954.54
zls44 929.09
JasonLoughren 926.20
RyanTSmith 908.55
dsidwell31 899.57
MikeNascarella 891.37
GarySJ 877.43
iwaswrongabouthowell 861.67
JeffNusser 854.08
diddybull32 761.82
LeavittTown 443.64

Next week's lines will be posted Monday night. USF hits the field again, against Miami. Will the Canes have to lay 60 points again? Can Louisiana Tech lose to Army in Dallas? Will Mississippi force Alabama to use their national title mulligan? Who's flakier, Arizona State or USC under Lane Kiffin? Can Ohio State beat Wisconsin with Braxton Miller not 100%? Will College GameDay be in Moscow, Idaho for the Temple-Idaho game?