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Voodoo Fivecast: The "We're Gonna Get Seal Clubbed By Miami" Episode

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

This week was our first where we go for TWO hours... but didn't have Senator Giggity or another planned guest so we kind of had to wing it for the first hour. Josh was just terrible whereas I was merely bad, but at least I didn't predict a USF victory this weekend. I'm glad Obamacare kicks in next week so we can get Mr. Appel some meds for the delusions he's clearly having.

In the second hour somehow Josh got worse and I came down to his level, but fortunately we had Brian London from 104.3 The Ticket in Miami and Cane Insider give us the lowdown on Tha U ahead of this weekend's matchup. We also welcomed Andrew Goodrich, former Assistant AD at USF and now the Assistant AD for Marketing at Miami. We talk about the banner calendar year the 'Canes have had in both basketball and football, and how they've tried to capitalize on their successes.

It's an even more sub-mediocre podcast than usual, but our numbers show you people keep listening, and we thank you. We're working on getting more and better guests each week, and we'll hopefully have Giggity back next week if he runs out of Crown Royal.

Click and listen here! Hour 1 and Hour 2 await you (Hour 2 has all the guests, and is probably better honestly).