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Protect Your Unit, Week 5 Picks Thread: Bye Week

Sometimes the best plays are the ones you don't make.

Expect to see a lot of this in the Cal-Oregon game.
Expect to see a lot of this in the Cal-Oregon game.
Ezra Shaw

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

The last weekend of September is typically a slow one. Conference play is just getting under way, mostly with non-crucial games. Teams still in their non-conference schedule aren't exactly challenging themselves. And many teams take a week off before the real season starts.

And remember, you too can take a bye: the rules of Protect Your Unit allow you to sit out two weeks during the season. So if you're just not feelin' it one week, you can sit it out. You don't have to notify me or anything, just don't make any bets and I'll record it as one of your two bye weeks.

Marquee games this week are Oklahoma-Notre Dame, LSU-Georgia, Wisconsin-Ohio State, USC-Arizona State, Mississippi-Alabama, and let's be honest, South Carolina-Central Florida. It remains to be seen if UCF is a Top 25 team, but they look like a lead-pipe cinch for second place in the conference so far.

Here's who you've picked so far, in order of longest to shortest usernames:

For my fake dollar, the action this week is on over/under plays. The over/under for California-Oregon is a whopping 84 points! And Oregon is favored by 36, which means the linemakers expect the final score to be 60-24. Which sounds about right, doesn't it?

On the other end of the scale, the lowest-scored Saturday game is... Florida-Kentucky? At 47 points. Florida used to score that many points against Kentucky before halftime, just because Steve Spurrier was still pissed at Bill Curry for not hiring him in 1980. Then Kentucky would replace Bill Curry with Hal Mumme, and Kentucky would score 47 points in the second half and still lose by three touchdowns. I also remember the Gin Blossoms.

Tell us about your picks below! Remember, this is not the deadline - you can still enter picks up until one hour before each game's kickoff at