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Game Thread: Miami Hurricanes vs. USF Bulls

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Let's get this over with!

Who: Miami (3-0) vs. USF (0-3)


Where: Raymond James Stadium, and ESPNU

When: 12pm

Why: Because the schedule makes us, and we can't afford to refund the tickets

Line: Miami -16.5 & 18 most places. Opened 18.5. That means the money is coming in on USF. What????

We'll be out there tailgating and taking in all the atmosphere that a fun in-state game has to offer, so chat about the happenings here. As USF fans, let's just look for some signs of improvement from week to week as that's about all we can ask. Oh, and a cover so all the Bulls fans that loaded up against their team are taxed for their disloyalty. IF I'M LEAVING THIS MONEY ON THE TABLE SO ARE ALL OF YOU!!