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American Inventions - Game 3, Temple

Let freedom ring.


To mark the first season of basketball in the American Athletic Conference, we're featuring inventions that symbolize each of the other nine cities in the league, two inventions apiece. Here's the first invention we came up with for today's opponent, the Temple Owls.


At 0-2 in conference play with a home loss to the assumed cellar dweller and a lingering injury to their best player, the Bulls' chances of being competitive in their first season of AAC play appear to be quickly dwindling. But today's invention serves as a reminder of hope for underdogs* everywhere.

The original Philadelphia city bell hung behind what is now Independence Hall thanks to a guy named William Penn. But the denizens of the city were dissatisfied by its size and wanted a bell that could be heard easily throughout the expanding city, so they sent word to a London bellfounding firm and were shipped the first model of what would become the Liberty Bell.

The Liberty Bell, like the Bulls, quickly fell to 0-2 in its new conference continent. The very first time the bell was struck, the rim immediately cracked, and the second time it produced a sound like "two coal scuttles being banged together" and became the laughingstock of the city.

The third time was the charm for the Bell, and it soon became the assembly call for Congress and a symbol of freedom throughout newly-founded America. Today the Liberty Bell sits near the intersection of 6th and Market Street, a mere nine minute drive from Liacouras Center if you're looking to culture yourself a bit before the game.

Most importantly, however, the Liberty Bell serves as inspiration for the downtrodden and 0-2 folks everywhere. If Philadelphia can morph a useless hunk of metal into a usable bell that became a symbol of American freedom, why can't the Bulls snap the losing streak tonight in the City of Brotherly Love and inject some life into the Bulls' still-young season?

The Bell also played a big role in declaring independence... which might be the more attractive move for USF if the AAC continues to get poached by other conferences**.

* Despite Temple's struggles this season (0-2 in conference, 5-7 overall), the Owls are favored by 5.5 tonight. Yikes.

** Disclaimer: No, it wouldn't.