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Voodoo Fivecast: The Stuck on Seventeen Edition

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The ecstasy and the agony of USF Football was on display in all its glory last Saturday night.

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Joe Robbins

This week we rehash the promise and failure of the ECU game with Josh Appel and Jeff Odom of the Tampa Bay Times. We talk about the chances USF had and missed, whether the Bulls are making the right adjustments, if Mike White was good or not, and delve into whether former players should be commenting on the current state of the program like Matt Grothe.

Joey Knight from the Tampa Bay Times joins us as well, and we also play lots of songs involving the number 17 since that's the maximum USF seems to score. Some of them are classics (Stevie Nicks), and some of them are terrible (Avril Lavigne).

It's as mediocre as always, but still fun if you love your Bulls.

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