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Protect Your Unit Week 8: Status Quo Saturday

Not every college football weekend is meaningful. Some mostly retain the status quo.

Justin K. Aller

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Not much changed this weekend in college football. #4 Baylor was upset by West Virginia, and the Notre Dame-Florida State winner was identified. But other than that, the national championship picture is much the same as it was a week ago. If we learned anything, it's that the competition may be closer than expected.

And so it is in our game. Let's see the new standings. The new column represents the amount gained or lost this week:

collin 1463.19 -102.00
kendom 1348.41 59.97
dsidwell31 1252.81 48.32
RyanTSmith 1199.48 63.64
ucscott 1135.16 1.82
jthoma11 1106.74 52.50
danj725 1101.60 179.55
iwaswrongabouthowell 1076.89 -158.89
tacoman206 1040.93 -7.27
JimUSFSig 954.82 BYE
LrdNorman 929.74 -68.27
DaGata 924.70 -23.82
shadow68 922.73 BYE
ElliotMoore 912.37 -59.09
Snafu13 895.96 BYE
diddybull32 891.82 126.82
JasonLoughren 886.36 BYE
GaryStephen 785.36 88.64
chuckycrater 772.21 BYE
zls44 762.61 95.96
andrewpina 649.42 -154.55
ULismyhothotsex 606.48 39.00
leavitttown 397.10 BYE

Collin dropped back to the pack when his $100 wager on Florida State -10 didn't come in. And like Florida State, the leader in this contest looks less unbeatable now. None of the challengers made a huge leap, but several players gained, and stayed within striking distance. danj725 and diddybull32 had three-digit wins; several other players were in the black.

Overall, our group of degenerates won $182.33 on the week. Several players correctly picked Missouri over Florida, USF over Tulsa, Cincinnati over SMU, and Notre Dame to cover against Florida State. dsidwell31 and zls44 scored big on Georgia minus a mere 3.5 points against Arkansas.

Our Floyd's Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week Award goes to ULismyhothotsex, for making 6 of his 8 bets on the FAU, FIU, or UCF game. This despite being from Louisville, where he has access to much better football. Careful, buddy, don't go native on us.

The Randolph and Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week has seen a paradigm shift. Whereas the $1 bet against Louisiana Tech used to be a staple of this game, people aren't even trying that any more, due to that team's talent for backdoor covers, and Skip Holtz's talent for generally not doing what you want him to do. So our winner is once again dsidwell31, who made the full suite of spite bets on Willie Taggart's record: 4.14, 2.4, and 52.5 on the Under 52.5 (which lost). Since the Bulls beat Tulsa, I guess he'll have to bet 5.14 and 3.4 next week.

The week ahead includes a lot of games that would be more fun to watch on ESPN Classic than live. Rivalry games Michigan-Michigan State and Alabama-Tennessee look one-sided. Ohio State-Penn State and Miami-Virginia Tech were marquee games in the 2000s, not today. BYU-Boise State once looked like the #1 vs #2 matchup of Group of 5 teams; that matchup would now be East Carolina-Marshall. (Which you really should watch on ESPN Classic, because those two teams played one hell of a bowl game one year.)

Conference games are: East Carolina-UConn (Thursday); USF-Cincinnati (Friday); Temple-UCF; and Memphis-SMU. Future conference member  Navy hosts San Jose State.