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Voodoo Fivecast: The Jiminy Glick As Jeff Odom Edition

Martin Short, you've been surpassed.

This week we tackle the disaster that was the Cincinnati game, which is more tackling than the Bulls did all night long (590 yards allowed!). We also get into people harassing USF players on Twitter (scumbags), the upcoming local USF media basketball game, and of course things like gambling & the Houston game and why Jeff Odom sends out pics on Instagram that make him look like Jiminy Glick. Seriously, look at it!

It's all as terrible as per usual, but there's actually some good discussion about the talent level in the program currently, and what changes we all might want to see in the future. Check it out below, or just iTunes it. And if you're looking for the RSS feed for some kind of Android player, you can click for that here.

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