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Protect Your Unit Week 10 Picks: More To Choose From

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

We have some genuine game news this week:, our odds provider, has expanded its pool of contributing sports books from eight to ten.

How does this impact our pick'em game?

The lines we offer at represent the best available line for each wager. Not all sports books offer the same lines all the time; we do the line shopping for you, and offer you the most advantageous play for each possible wager. With more sports books to choose from now, there is greater potential for discrepancies, which can be exploited by the savvy fake gambler. Split bets, for example, depend upon different lines being available for the same game (though usually at different times rather than just different sports books).

We have already seen this in the first big game since the change: Florida State-Louisville. The day before the game, there was a 1.5-point difference in point spreads (Florida State -3.5, Louisville +5) and zero vigorish on money lines (Florida State -175, Louisville +175). That's a pretty wide difference of opinion so close to kickoff. When you're deciding what to bet each week, keep an eye out for line discrepancies like this.

This week's picks:

This thread is our usual place for discussing the game, and the weekend's action. One thing we need to talk about is prizes: yes, there will be a grand prize for the top degenerate gambler of the year. Last year's winner zls44 has recently received his award, and hopefully will soon regale us with tales of degenerate behavior at Voodoo Five's expense.