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Quinton Flowers' Half-Brother Killed in Miami

A family tragedy for a young man who's already suffered more than his share.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Herald is reporting that Bradley Holt, the half-brother of newly-named USF starting quarterback Quinton Flowers, was shot and killed Thursday night in Miami.

According to the report, Holt noticed a yellow Mustang driving suspiciously, endangering children who were playing in front of his apartment complex. When he yelled at the vehicle, someone inside it fired a shot, and killed him.

And just yesterday, the USF official site posted this story about the tragedies Flowers has already had to face in his young life. His father was shot and killed outside his home when Flowers was 7; his mother died of cancer two years ago. Flowers' uncle Nick Mann served as a father figure to and his two older siblings.

Flowers is a true freshman quarterback that was scheduled to make his first career start this week vs. SMU. Bulls head coach Willie Taggart announced the surprise choice on Tuesday.

Here's the full statement from USF:

Bradley Holt (24), the older sibling of USF freshman quarterback Quinton Flowers (Miami) was tragically killed last night in the Allapattah neighborhood of Miami, Fla. in what is being widely reported as an incident that saw him acting as a Good Samaritan.

Per Quinton's wishes, he will remain with his coaches and teammates, those closest to him at USF, and travel with the team to Dallas today as the Bulls prepare to play at SMU on Saturday.

Our immediate concern is for Quinton's well being and for that of his family. We will first and foremost support Quinton and help him cope with this tragic occurrence. Any questions regarding Saturday's game are premature and secondary at this time.

USF Head Coach Willie Taggart:
"The thoughts and prayers of everyone in our football program and the USF family are with Quinton and his family as they cope with this senseless tragedy. Quinton is a special young man who has had to endure far more at his young age than anyone should. We will do everything we can to help see him through this very difficult loss."

There are just no words, so we won't even try.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Quinton and his entire family.