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Protect Your Unit Week 15 Results and Bowl Preview

Let's get caught up before bowl season.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, let's catch up the standings after Week 15 (which included the games two weekends ago, and the Army-Navy game):

RyanTSmith 1662.22 BYE
jthoma11 1539.66 33.55
collin 1463.19 BYE
kendom 1310.33 26.79
danj725 1261.71 88.07
iwaswrongabouthowell 1062.22 -163.64
JimUSFSig 954.82 BYE
Snafu13 945.62 BYE
ElliotMoore 928.97 121.14
shadow68 922.73 BYE
zls44 902.84 177.35
JasonLoughren 886.36 BYE
ucscott 799.35 -50.54
chuckycrater 772.21 BYE
DaGata 762.23 -28.64
dsidwell31 732.84 -11.36
tacoman206 698.37 BYE
LrdNorman 639.70 BYE
GaryStephen 595.11 -24.55
diddybull32 392.28 BYE
andrewpina 52.35 -250
leavitttown 0 OUT
ULismyhothotsex 846.00 -9

A lot of players made big bets last week in an attempt to get back into the running.. Most of them failed, though zls44 did hit on Ohio State +175 over Wisconsin, vaulting him back within shouting distance of the lead. ElliotMoore also had a good week.

The names in bold face are those who are technically in the running for the grand prize, by virtue of taking fewer than the allowed number of bye weeks. Our own RyanTSmith has now sat out three weeks, and cannot win the grand prize. (We probably would have given it to a reader anyway, so this may be a sportsmanlike gesture on his part.) Other players may still place bets if they wish, and if they have money left to do so.

Let me remind you all of the rules for bowl season:

  • The entire bowl season, from the December 20 bowls through the national championship game, is considered one "week" of competition.
  • Your bet limit is now $500, or 50% of your current bankroll, whichever is higher. If you have less than $500, your limit is your entire bankroll.
  • You must bet five bowl games, including at least two games involving AAC teams. These are indicated in the betting form as usual.
  • Standings and results will be updated after each day's bowl games, in a thread I will start this Friday.

I will post the first set of lines Monday night. Odds for the national championship game will not be posted until the two teams are determined.