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Ten Questions Wednesday: Take The Test!

Let's have some fun. It's a dead period after all...

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We owe this blog a long piece about USF women's basketball, and that'll drop tomorrow. And we're also doing a podcast because there is lots to discuss that we haven't gotten to over the last couple weeks on air. But for today, we're going to have some fun.

USF has hired a defensive coordinator, and some names are leaking about potential OC hires (former Purdue coach Danny Hope amongst them). We're not covering this as extensively, because we have no idea what the hell is happening. We don't mind putting up odds boards when we have an idea what's happening, but on this we're as clueless as the rest of you. The only difference is people generally (eventually) call us back when we hear something.

So let's have some fun. Some below are serious, some are fun. In the comments, start answering!

1. Pick your dream offensive coordinator, and then pick a realistic one.

2. USF Men's Basketball: What do you love them more then? Your kids? Your significant other? Your pets? (Note: failing to love this team is unacceptable. Not saying they're good; saying they play hard and are so much fun).

3. What's the most fun you've had at a USF game that wasn't football or basketball?

4. What bar or restaurant is the definitive USF bar or restaurant?

5. A 2015 5-star quarterback says he's considering USF, but tells you in private that School X is offering him $15,000 to go there. Do you call a rich USF friend, or find a way to match?

6. Should new USF Baseball coach Mark Kingston head to Cuba after today's announcement to start recruiting?

7. Who is the best broadcast crew you've heard call a USF game on radio or TV?

8. Pick one song for the Herd of Thunder to play at halftime of a game.

9. Cheerleaders or Sun Dolls: Keep one and cut one.

10. Best USF Football player ever. Go!