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American Athletic Conference Football Schedule Announced For 2015 And Beyond

No road trip to Tulane until 2017. BOOOOOOOOO.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

It's a good thing the American Athletic Conference is super stable and in no way might change between now and the end of the decade, nor would USF ever want to possibly partner with C. Florida and join the Big XII, much less Cinci, Memphis, or UConn. Nope, no sir. All are very, very committed to the American Athletic Conference. Long-term. Just don't ask us to sign anything, ok?

So while we're trapped a member in good standing of The Interminable Purgatory That Is The AAC, here's the football schedule for a long time into the future. USF is in the East Division, and the divisions geographically makes sense except that Navy is in the West (by their request).

The previously announced division refresher:

East Division: USF, Cincinnati, ECU, Temple, UCF, UConn

West Division: Houston, Memphis, Navy, SMU, Tulane, Tulsa

Tulane is too despite being a cheap flight or a long-student drive away from both Orlando & Tampa (WHYYYYYYY???). As our Ryan Smith has pointed out: the divisions make so much more sense if you just flip Tulane and Cincinnati. Competitively, travel wise, everything. This is so dumb. Anyway...

2015 AAC Schedule:

Home: Cincinnati, Memphis, SMU, Temple

Road: ECU, Navy, UCF, UConn

2016: (just invert the 2015 schedule)

Home: ECU, Navy, UCF, UConn

Road: Cincinnati, Memphis, SMU, Temple

2017: (three West Division opponents change)

Home: Cincinnati, Houston, Tulsa, Temple

Road: ECU, Tulane, UConn, UCF

2018: (invert the 2017 schedule)

Home: ECU, Tulane, UConn, UCF

Road: Cincinnati, Houston, Tulsa, Temple

In 2019 the cycle will start all over again and will be the same as the 2015 schedule, and PLEASE DON'T MAKE US BE HERE BY THEN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I WON'T BE ABLE TO TAKE IT!!! Here's all the AAC games as a matrix if you're interested.

Need a non-conference refresher to get less depressed? This actually isn't too bad!

vs. FAMU Sept. 5th
at Maryland Sept 19th
at FSU Sept. 26th
vs. Syracuse Oct. 10th.

vs. Towson Sept. 3rd
vs. Northern Illinois Sept. 10th
at Syracuse Sept. 17th
vs. FSU Sept. 24th

vs. Stony Brook Sept. 2nd
vs. Illinois Sept. 9th
vs. Wisconsin Sept. 16th
at Northern Illinois Sept. 23rd

vs. Elon Sept. 1st
at Illinois Sept. 15th.

So what say you, Bulls fans? Any AAC road trips (besides Tulane in 2017) you're looking forward to? Philly for Temple every other year is nice for your humble author, and at Navy could be really fun as well.

It's just that, you know: we'd like to be good at football at some point too.