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GameThread: Bowling Green vs. USF

We're still on vacation, but a bit of something here.

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You miss us, don't lie!

But this fine website is still on a holiday break. Quite honestly, this year covering USF has been exhausting. AD changes, coaching changes, all the losing... it catches up to you. We simply needed a mental break to come back fresh for 2015. We'll be around this week a bit and in case some news breaks, and we'll have a think piece about football going up, but will be back full force next Monday.

Remember: you can always put up a FanPost yourself if you need to discuss something. Occasionally we take the best ones and move them to the front page too.

But let's not shortchange our beloved men's basketball team, who has been a bright spot in terms of our enthusiasm for all things green and gold this season. We hope the boys also got a nice break over the holidays, and will come back ready to perform against the Falcons today.

Who: USF (6-6, RPI 230) vs. Bowling Green (6-3, RPI 110)

Where: The still-having-no-naming-rights-sold-for-thirteen-years Sun Dome (more to come on that soon).

When: 3pm live on ESPN 3.

Why: Because this team is still way fun. They might not be good, but they play hard and they have a great coach that's going to build a winner here. And at some point this year, they're going to beat some people they shouldn't.

Spread: USF -1

Factor me!

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Corey Allen Jr. is coming a 31 point performance against FSU eight days ago in the Orange Bowl Classic. "He battled. You see his frame? For a kid his size, as big as his heart is, he left it out there for us and competed," is what Orlando Antigua said about the 2014 Drew League champion that's really coming into his own. Corey plays with such passion that it's hard not to love him.

Freshman center Ruben Guerrero also seems to be coming into his own, going 3-6 from the floor against Southeastern Louisiana. He's got some defensive issues (we're being kind), but he's just 18 years old and seems like he has some developable skills out there. We know Antigua was a part of developing some of the best big men in college basketball at Kentucky (Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd Gilchrist, Nerlens Noel, DeMarcus Cousins), and let's see if that translates to the skill improvement that should be coming from Guerrero.

Have fun in the comments and on Twitter.