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Protect Your Unit Week 15 Picks Thread: RIP UAB

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

The big college football story of this week was, of course, the travesty of UAB's program being shuttered by the University of Alabama System's board of trustees, and gutless university president Ray Watts.

There have been plenty of news stories written about it, but I think any of the various videos of UAB player and fan reactions to this announcement tell the story best. UAB may not be a glamorous school, but their players work just as hard, and their fans are just as emotionally connected to the program as anyone's.

Personally, I think UAB football will be back someday. It will be back as soon as the school gets better representation on the state board and control over its own affairs. Because this had nothing to do with the budget. UAB was in the red, but no more than dozens of other schools who wouldn't dream of dropping their most visible sport. Whether this was really about old grudges, or fear of what UAB football could become, the whole thing just reeks. And that's all I'll say about that.

On to the selections:

Week 15 runs through next Saturday's Army-Navy game, so if you want to bet that, save part of this week's bankroll. Also, I probably won't post an update on Monday, due in part to being out of town to tend to family matters.

After that, it's on to Bowl Season. Speaking of which: if the minor bowl games can't find a place for UAB in their last season, they all ought to be shut down. You say it's about fan interest and TV ratings? Well, I'm pretty confident the final game of a team that was unjustly destroyed will draw more attention than, say, Toledo-Nevada.

In fact, I'd like to see the AAC work out a deal that would let UAB play in the Birmingham Bowl, against an SEC team. Now that would be a finale. And a great way to show the world what they'll be missing from now on.