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The Voodoo Five Reader Survey: Tell Us What You Think!

As we keep growing, we'd like to ask you guys what you think of what we're doing.

Hey everyone on Coach T's Bus, can we get some help here?
Hey everyone on Coach T's Bus, can we get some help here?

We'll keep it real simple: we're starting to grow a bit around here (as the amount of hysterical .gifs in the comments lately can tell you), and we'd like to ratchet up the coverage even more. But we want to know what you think.

If you could be so kind as to help us by filling out this brief six question survey, it would be tremendously helpful as we try to grow and expand our burgeoning empire. We're only doing this because you read it, so we should probably ask what you think about it amirite?

It's super easy, and we even include a section where you can tell us how much we suck because we're obviously self-loathing like that. I mean we kept a blog about USF Athletics alive through the last four years!! Morrissey should dedicate an entire album to us.

So go forth and aid us please: Click here tell us what you think!

As a reward for your kindness, once 500 of you answer we will tell you a great USF story we've never made public before, and post it in the comments of this thread.

So help us out, and thanks so much for reading.