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Recap: Mims and Lynch at the NFL Combine

See how the defensive duo did in Indianapolis.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tevin Mims and Aaron Lynch workedout with the other defensive linemen at the NFL Combine today.

Mims had a fairly middle-of-the-pack day, while Lynch is largely incomplete.

Here's how they did:

Mims DL Rank Lynch DL Rank
40 yd dash 4.95 21st of 42 −− −−
225 lbs bench 17 reps T-46th of 50 18 reps T-43th of 50
Vert. jump 27.5" T-35th of 43 −− −−
Broad Jump 9'1" (109") 25th of 43 −− −−

Both had pretty poor numbers on the bench. Lynch only did the bench, and neither Mims nor Lynch did the 3-cone drill or the shuttle run. Maybe Lynch is nursing a leg injury?

We'll check up on these guys again  at USF's Pro Day next month, and again closer to the draft.