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USF vs. Rutgers WNIT Semifinal Preview:

It's Wrestlemania Week, so you know where this is going.

Michael N. Todaro

The Champion: Jose Fernandez (Played by Daniel Bryan: a relatively diminutive man that gets the most out of his talent)


The Challenger: C. Vivian Stringer (Played by Mae Young: a Hall of Famer well past her prime that revolutionized fashion with her tights)


The heat between these two factions has been tense since forever, with the first round of their feud this year resulting in a pinfall for the Scarlet Knights faction. Their 66-53 win was against a USF team still struggling to gel, and still with Inga Orekhova recovering from her leg surgery (she was 2-10 from the floor). The Bulls were a pretty gross 17-54 from the floor, and Betnijah Laney chalked up 18 points and 13 rebounds. She also distracted the referee while her teammates attacked the Bulls with foreign objects (at least that's what I remember).

However the Bulls would get their revenge at The RAC in a falls count anywhere match in February. After getting a big push by creative late in the season, USF would dominate RU in a 60-51 victory that didn't feel that close. Courtney Williams channeled a juiced up Ultimate Warrior with 26 points and 13 boards, while tag team partner Alisia Jenkins ran the ropes for 10 and 13 as well. RU was ranked 24th at the time and seemed to be qualified for the Royal Rumble NCAA Tournament, but this match would just continue their jobbing to the mid card of the WNIT.

The factions have been going after each other for years now dating back to the Jessica Dickson vs. Cappy Pondexter wars of the mid-2000's, but this will likely be the last match for a while. Rutgers has signed a deal with a competing promotion (B1G), so this great rivalry will fall by the wayside after tonight.

When you sign with a new promotion, you never win the belt in your last match. That's kayfabe, but it's true.

THIS WILL BE AN EPIC BATTLE THE LIKES OF WHICH WE'VE NEVER SEEN (/Schiavone'd)!! It should be a helluva lot of fun, and if you're a student feel free to help drain Jose Fernandez of some of his postseason bonus money: He's buying all the tickets for students tonight (remember, in the WNIT there's no freebies, so he paid for this out of his own pocket).

Here's the promotions for students tonight straight from Student Tailgate outside Gate D (5:30 p.m. start)

- Free Pizza (First 200 students at tailgate)

- Free Student Tickets with valid USF I.D., compliments of head coach Jose Fernandez

- Free USF shirt (First 500 students)

- Chance to win UA Gear Bag, $100 Hooters Gift Card, $100 Columbia Restaurant Gift Card, or one of two Jawbone Jambox Blutooth Speakers (students)

- Free Concession Voucher (First 500 non-students)

Let's hope they play this on the TitanTron to get the crowd fired up as the Bulls roll out tonight:

Go to the game! And give the Bulls a huge pop in front of the home crowd. They have played lights out the second half of this season, and haven't lost to anyone in 2014 not named UConn or Louisville (both in the Final Four). Courtney Williams might be the best student-athlete on campus right now, and she's worth the price of admission alone.