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The USF Volleyball Golf Tournament: We Need Your Help

You know how Don Corleone said "someday, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a favor for me?" Well the only killing involved is from the outside hitters, but we're calling in that favor.

For over four years this website has tried to provide you with the most in-depth and unvarnished Bulls coverage we can. We've tried to reach as many of you as possible, and March was our best month ever (which is really amazing since it's not even football season). More of you are reading us then at any point in our history, and we can't thank you enough.

When we did our reader survey in February, so many of you asked how you could help us. Be it buying merchandise, paying a monthly fee, offering to chip in to have us advertise locally, you generously offered to help and we were honestly humbled and flattered. Well here's how you can say thank you to us: help us help our favorite team.

As many of you know we long ago adopted the volleyball team as our favorite. They always have been, they always will be. This is their 12th annual tournament, and I've played in and been on the committee for every one. And that's because in the five years I worked for the Bulls I saw how much more a dollar means to a team like volleyball than to a revenue sport. These teams practice just as hard, compete as just as high a level, and do so without so much of the fanfare.

The money this tournament generates won't get used for things like fifth alternate uniforms or charter flights: it's the difference as to whether the team can buy new practice balls this season. Or how far away the coaches can take recruiting trips. A dollar to volleyball has a greater impact on winning a match than a dollar to football has in winning a game. It's just that simple.

I've gotten to watch so many girls that played on this team grow into great young women. Some of them go on to great careers in volleyball (Michelle Collier, new coach at Georgia TechAlli Arbogast, new assistant at St. Louis), but most end up as business women in every sector. Teachers, bankers, entrepreneurs, techies... basically every walk of society. And the experience they had at USF is one that is so formative to all of them. They all say the same thing: I learned so many things as a student-athlete that I use every day.

So let's help them grow, and let's help them win. You can give between $5 and $250 below.

Gift Levels

Please give us whatever you can (seriously, $5 is so truly appreciated), and we'll throw in a full V5 post of your own if you choose the top level. You can write whatever you'd like, and even if that's YOU BLOGGER HACKS SUCK AT EVERYTHING we'll print it. We'd do anything for this team, including embarrassing ourselves publicly.

Unlike NPR we promise we're only going to ask for money just during this week of the year. If you'd like to join us this Friday at Feather Sound for the 1pm shotgun start, all the information is here.

Hopefully you love us and what we're doing. Well we love them. Show them how much you love us. Or something.