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Voodoo Five Volleyball Fundraiser 2014: We Love Our Readers So Much

We have been overwhelmed by your generosity... but of course we want more!

You guys have come up trumps in our fundraising effort for USF Volleyball, and we wanted to say thank you to everyone that's helped us so far. Also a special thank you to Leavitt Town, who generously donated the $250 get his own post on the site. He's indicated it might be a while until he takes advantage of it, but we told him that whenever the mood strikes (and that might be football season) we'll publish it in full.

Also a special thanks to everyone that's generously donated, including (by SBNation screen name):

LeavittTown, AleDomingos (the '02 C-USA Volleyball Tournament MVP), DCBull21 (who also made some gifts to several other USF women's teams too), cgilotte, JDentel, MatthewAMorrison, K-Rock Da Bull, USFMatt, BullsMania, also a bunch of anonymous gifts as well as a few we can't pass along yet because we're not sure people want them announced publicly. You can join them below!

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<tr><td><input type="hidden" name="on0" value="Gift Levels">Gift Levels</td></tr><tr><td><select name="os0">

<option value="Thank You!">Thank You! $5.00 USD</option>

<option value="Thank You More!">Thank You More! $10.00 USD</option>

<option value="Setter">Setter $25.00 USD</option>

<option value="Right Side">Right Side $50.00 USD</option>

<option value="Outside Hitter">Outside Hitter $100.00 USD</option>

<option value="Sponsor A Golfer!">Sponsor A Golfer! $150.00 USD</option>

<option value="Your Own V5 Post!">Your Own V5 Post! $250.00 USD</option>

</select> </td></tr>


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We just cracked the $1000 mark, but we're of course going for more. So if we can manage to hit $2000, we're willing to let reigning AAC Player of The Year Erin Fairs swing at balls from her outside hitter position and attempt to dig them until she hits us in the face, and we'll put it on video for your consumption. If this is some sort of NCAA violation we don't know about we'll scrape up an old USF player to do the same thing, but it'll be the most valuable six-pack in team history and we'd be thrilled to have it happen.

So thanks to all of you that have given so far, and to those that haven't there's still time. Hopefully I'll be getting the ice packs ready.