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Strength Coach Hans Straub Suspended Over Tweet (UPDATE: Has Resigned)

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

According to various reports, USF has suspended strength coach Hans Straub over a negative tweet he made about recent Bulls football player and San Francisco 49ers' draft choice Aaron Lynch.

The tweet in question, which has since been deleted from @CoachStraubUSF, read:

Thought an organization with 5 Super Bowl titles would have a stricter draft criteria. Clearly, integrity & character are not a priority.

He's obviously talking about San Francisco 49ers draftee Lynch, whom Straub was in position to judge as USF's strength coach during Lynch's one season. Though if you were Johnnie Cochran, you could invent some wiggle room; maybe he was talking about a Dallas Cowboy. They've won 5 Super Bowl titles too. Feel free to suggest alternate theories in the comments.

USF has not officially announced anything yet.

UPDATE: Straub has been forced to resign. Mark Harlan made the following statement:

"USF Athletics has high expectations for each and every student-athlete, coach and staff member. To that end, I have accepted the resignation of Hans Straub from the position of head strength and conditioning coach. I thank him for his contributions to USF Athletics and wish him well in his future endeavors. A national search for his replacement will begin immediately.’’

See also our follow-up story on the resignation of Hans Straub.