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The USF Bullsfest Auction Is Friday: Here's The Best Items

And this year you can bid from home!

One of my favorite events to attend (and no longer have to work) is the USF Athletics Auction. It's a great day for donors and friends of the USF community to get together and raise money for the Bulls over a nice dinner and open bar. And we really like the open bar part for sure. Did we mention there's an open bar?

It also totally sucks from a staff point of view because it's an insane amount of work. But this year they got smarter and put it online so people all over the world can bid on their favorite items even if they aren't in attendance. So the prices go higher and people not even in Tampa can still participate. Brilliant!

Bulls Club Director of Development/Dime Piece Marcy Lanoue has been working basically around the clock for months on this thing, and it will all pay off on Friday night at what should be the best event yet.

There are a couple hundred items available, including tons of gift certificates for restaurants and spas, gift baskets, fishing boat tours, rounds of golf everywhere etc... oh yeah, there's trips to the Super Bowl, The Masters, and the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in London too.

You should check all of them out and find what tickles your fancy. But here are some of the coolest items we've found so far:

Paintings from a USF Men's Basketball Player:



We know who it is, but apparently we're not sure we're allowed to share the name. Incredible job by this player, and very generous of him to share it with everyone.

Mini Golf Tournament at Avila:

Just you and 23 of your friends at the nicest course we've played in Tampa on the Tuesday-Thursday of you choice. They'll even throw in the food and drinks (though not the booze). Retail on this is $2500, but if you can sneak in at a bargain price could be a great event for your office.

Two seats from Chicago Stadium:


Two seats from the old Madhouse on Madison. Goes great in any man cave until your wife makes you put them in the garage because they don't match with anything HONEY YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND IT'S HISTORY MICHAEL JORDAN PLAYED IN FRONT OF THESE SEATS AND SHRUGGED HIS SHOULDERS RIGHT AT THEM IN GAME 1 IN '92!!

Movie Night At USF Baseball:

From the description: "Come out and watch your own movie on the biggest Video Board in Collegiate Baseball! USF Athletics is providing a "Movie Night" for up to 100 guests that will be shown on the brand new HD Video Board at the USF Baseball Stadium. The night will include popcorn and a soft drink with refills for the first two hours. Feel free to get comfortable on the field with your own lawn chair and blanket."

If you don't show Field of Dreams or Bull Durham I don't even want to know you.

Fishing Trip with Lou Piniella:

"What the hell kind of fish is that? You think that piece of bones and skin can hack it at this level? I don't know what they taught you down there in your crappy fish school, but this is big league fishin'. Now get your ass out there and reel in somethin' worth keepin', Meat."

OK, it doesn't exactly go like this. My buddy Mike won this two years ago and said: "spending the day with Lou on his boat with my dad brother and uncle was a priceless experience. All of the baseball stories that were shared were incredible. Although I couldn't talk Lou into throwing a fish like a base or his hat, he made us all feel a part of his dugout."

Piniella is also the Honorary Chair for this year's event, so great thanks to him for helping the Bulls.

Tandem Skydive with SOCOM Team Member:

Why just jump out of a plane when you can do so attached to a human trained to kill anything that comes your way once you land? Seriously, what a cool prize.

John Starks Autographed Basketball:

Please do not attempt to dribble or make shots with ball in Houston.

Your Very Own Private Port-a-Potty for the 2014 USF Football Season at your tailgate location:

This is fantastic. You probably could make the money back just charging C. Florida fans alone.