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2014-2015 AAC Basketball Schedule Announced

The American announced the 2014-2015 conference basketball schedule yesterday.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday The American Athletic Conference announced the 2014-2015 conference schedule pairings.

As you remember, last year each team played their conference opponents twice in a home and away series. Things will change from that going forward because the league is expanding from 10 to 11 teams with the departure of Rutgers and Louisville and the addition of Tulsa, Tulane, and East Carolina, so the previous format is no longer possible. Now, each team will play eight of their 10 league opponents in a home and away series and the other two teams just once.

The scheduling gods looked upon USF favorably as the two teams that the Bulls only play once are Memphis and Cincinnati. The teams the Bulls will play twice are UCF, UConn, East Carolina, Houston, SMU, Temple, Tulane and Tulsa. The exact dates and non-conference opponents will be released at a later date.

Orlando Antigua will have his work cut out for him in his first year on the hot seat as a young USF team gets even younger (only four players who saw the court last year will return). Antigua has been on fire on the recruiting trail so far though, so things are looking up for the future. That being said, his first year is likely still going to be very rocky. Here's a quick look at the Bulls' roster thus far:

PG - Anthony Collins
SG - Corey Allen, Troy Holston, Dinero Mercurius
SF - Nehemias Morillo, Dre Clayton, Bo Zeigler
PF - Chris Perry
C - Jaleel Cousins, Ruben Guerrero, Jordan Omogbehin

Will Antigua navigate The American better than Stan Heath did? We'll find out soon enough.