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Former USF DE George Selvie Involved In Pro Wrestling Match

Things got interesting Sunday night at a clearly not-staged wrestling match in Dallas.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Former USF football player, George Selvie, played a part in Slammiversary XII at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, TX on Sunday night. The match involved Mr. Anderson vs 'The Cowboy' James Storm.

Everything was going fine and dandy until 'The Cowboy' saw Selvie and his Cowboy teammates and evidently decided there was only room for one Cowboy in the Cowboy's stadium (my goal was to work six 'cowboys' into that sentence, sorry for being such a disappointment, Dad). 'The Cowboy' then promptly let Selvie inspect his middle finger, but that clearly wasn't getting the point across well enough so he proceeded to spit beer into his face (cause what "professional athlete" doesn't take a beer break in the middle of a match?). That clearly wasn't to Selvie's liking as he broke down the barrier between the seats and the ring and tried to attack 'The Cowboy'.

"Security" (aka paid actors) tried to calm things down and eventually 'The Cowboy' got back into the ring to finish the fight. Selvie then somehow managed to get through security and go right up to the ring against the ropes. 'The Cowboy' then immediately lost the fight to Mr. Anderson and Selvie and his teammates rushed the ring to celebrate the victory.

According to TNA Wrestling, the Slammiversary event was watched by "millions" of people around the world in over 120 countries. "The part where I got involved (was the highlight),'' said Selvie. "That was pretty cool. Just being a part of the show, just doing what I did. It was very cool."

Watch the video here: