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USF Media Day Is Sunday: Tell Us What Questions To Ask

Got questions for the Bulls: Ask them here!

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a rough summer. Work stuff kept me from going to Brazil for the World Cup. My car got wrecked on Monday WHILE IT WAS PARKED IN A DAMN PARKING SPACE! And the Phillies... Jesus H Christ the Phillies. And though I've booked my travel to Wisconsin for Sept. 29th, in all other aspects I'm totally unprepared for USF Football season.

But I will be at Media Day on Sunday. So what are your questions for HC Willie Taggart, and seniors Andre Davis, Austin Reiter, Reshard Cliett, & the 700 lb. squatting Todd Chandler? Tell us in the comments, and we'll make sure the best ones get addressed to the interested parties.

We begin our season previews in earnest next week, and will start breaking down players, units, depth charts, and opponents. We'll also have some new writers for you to read as we up the coverage around football season to heights heretofore unseen around here. This will be our first football season as a credentialed outlet, and we plan on using that access to bring you things you might not be able to see anywhere else.

You also have told us by your page views that recruiting is something you want covered more extensively. Well we're going to do that to an extent. Calling 15-year-olds and asking them where they might go to college in three years isn't why we got into the blog business. That's not a knock on those that cover it, because your football team WILL fail if you can't get talent in the door (see Holtz, Skip), but we're just uneasy with helicoptering into that process. There are outlets that simply do it better, but we're going to do more regarding 'crootin than we have before.

The first week of practice is open to the public, and we'll be out there as much as we can (especially for the full pads practices on Aug. 8th and 9th). That depth chart from yesterday got me all fired up. Just 29 days until we're tailgating.

Football is back. And this year, it'll be better than ever around here.