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Corey Allen Jr. Wins The Drew League Championship

And he dropped 40 in the semifinals!

I'm flying to LA on Thursday, which stinks because I'm going to be four days late for what was apparently a transcendent performance by Corey Allen in The Drew League this summer.

Allen's team of Hank's Houdini All-Stars picked up The Drew League title yesterday, winning 84-83 over C.O.A. Corey led all scorers with 25 in the final, and had 40(!!) against a Team "Cheaters" led by Baron Davis in the semifinals. The Drew ain't no joke, with guys like Brandon Jennings, Paul George (before the injury), & Swaggy P (Nick Young to all our non-Iggy Azaela fans out there) just some of the NBA names taking part.

Congrats to our favorite Bull to watch last season. Clipper Darrell even made the comparison to Brandon Jennings on Instagram after meeting Corey yesterday.

We can see it. Also, Corey got a nickname out there:

We like it!

Congrats to Corey for making some noise out there. Hopefully it'll add to his growth and confidence heading into his senior year.