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The Voodoo Five Funeral Is Here! Tonight From 6-9pm at Irish 31. Be there!

The Social Event of The Season is Thursday from 6-9pm at Irish 31. Be there.

After many machinations, arguments, and knock-down-drag-outs with various constituencies, we're ready for the Voodoo Five Funeral on Thursday!

IMPORTANT: None of our issues are because of Irish 31. Melissa and Jay from Irish have been fantastic, and they are a wonderful Bull-owned business you support well on Thursday by buying lots of food and booze.

Irish 31 is giving us some great drink specials, including pints of their fantastic Irish 31 Red Draft for 3.10 & $4 Captain Morgan and Jim Beam. And do yourself a favor: try the pot pie bites. They change lives like Tony Dungy. Freaking delicious.

We'll also have a raffle with some of the sweetest USF gear you can't even buy in stores, and a few surprises as well. Some of our friends have been very generous with their swag, and we appreciate them for it.

There will be live music, but don't worry: the Texas A&M-South Carolina & Boise St.-Ole Miss games will be on the TV's. We promise.

Need a ride? Lyft has offered us a code where new users can get a free ride to and from our event! Just enter the code "Voodoo5" after downloading their app to your smartphone, and someone will pick you up & take you home when you've had enough grieving.

The $25 credit per person is enough to get from campus to Hyde Park Village, so just bring a friend and you'll both get to the event and back for free. If you end up with a DUI, yes Bobby Petrino will still recruit you to Louisville... but yeah there's really no excuse for it.

We've got some surprises planned, and we can't wait to meet so many of you that have been kind enough to lend us your eyeballs during our five-year run here. Also Chuckycrater is flying in from Dallas, so you can meet the guy that started all this nonsense. We'll both be drinking, so we might tell some of the off-the-record stories we haven't been able to print all these years. Ya know...  the ones we couldn't print but alluded to with the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the face.

But the point of this is all those stories are in the past, and it's time to bury all of them. We're very optimistic about the future of USF Athletics, and it's time to go forward with a renewed enthusiasm.

Which is what we'll do on Thursday night. So come out and support us.

Burn the past. Light the future.