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USF Game Week Press Conference Tweetcap

Willie Taggart, Todd Chandler and Chris Dunkley look forward to Saturday.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Today we learned that Chris Dunkley's mother is Jamaican, that he is a father, that he had to earn his way back onto the team as a walk-on, and then earn his #1 back. Todd Chandler spoke highly of Dunkley, saying that he is a motivator and is much loved by the rest of the team. They are both very likable guys, with wise things to say about football.

Coach Taggart is excited to get the team back on the field and see what they can do. He seems pleased with the amount of talented players at his disposal and is eager to see them play. Taggart says he is not even thinking about redshirts. For now he just wants to see who can make things happen on the field.

These are the best tweets the press could come up with. You can watch most of the highlights here.